Representative Cases


  • Advised and represented large corporate client for many years on extensive groundwater solvent contamination cleanup site in Santa Clara County that involved several commingled groundwater plumes.  This included negotiations with state and local regulatory agencies, negotiations with neighboring property owners, permitting, compliance implementation, access agreements, deed restrictions, and litigation support.
  • Advised and represented property owner in Alameda County on groundwater petroleum contamination cleanup from sources adjoining client’s property. This involved negotiations with adjoining property owner and the County regulatory agency.
  • Advised and represented property owner in Santa Clara County on groundwater solvent contamination on property caused by prior site owner involving negotiations with former owner and state regulatory agency. Deed restrictions were also addressed.
  • Advised and represented property owner in Alameda County before the state Department of Toxics Substance Control with regard to impacts to her property resulting from neighboring property contamination and the resulting cleanup.
  • Provided advice to federal agency on insurance options for cleanup of large former Naval facility in Contra Costa County.
  • Assisted various Marin County property owners regarding individual wastewater disposal system permitting and appeals.


  • Advised and represented 17 Alameda County municipalities and districts on an ongoing basis regarding stormwater control compliance planning, program implementation and enforcement matters under their municipal regional stormwater permit.
  • Advised and represented Santa Clara County winery with regard to stormwater drainage and sedimentation control issues before the County Planning Commission and the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board.
  • Negotiated settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for for an Alameda County packing company for various industrial stormwater violations.
  • Advised various construction site owners/operators regarding compliance with the statewide general permit for construction activities.
  • Advised numerous small municipalities throughout the state on compliance with their municipal stormwater permit.

Surface Water

  • Advised and represented winery in Napa County on large settlement of an enforcement matter before the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board relating to wetlands fill that involved a significant environmental enhancement project in lieu of civil monetary penalties.
  • Advised and represented a small water district in Merced County before the Central Valley Regional Water Board on revision of waste discharge requirements for expanded disposal capacity for their wastewater treatment facility.
  • Advised and represented community services district in San Luis Obispo County on sewage treatment plant planning and application to Central Coast Regional Water Board for waste discharge requirements in a septic tank prohibition area.
  • Advised and represented large ranch owner in San Luis Obispo County before the EPA with regard to cleanup responsibilities and contamination caused by upstream abandon mercury mine discharges to the watershed.
  • Advised and represented large power company in obtaining reissuance of permit with the Central Coast Regional Water Board for discharge of cooling waters to waters of the U.S.

Land Disposal

  • Provided expert testimony to Bay Area law firm in trial preparation and deposition in Contra Costa County relating to landfill/nuisance cleanup responsibilities.
  • Provided consultation to various Bay Area municipalities and businesses regarding trash control requirements.

Litigation Support

  • Provided regulatory consultation to Bay Area law firm in obtaining penalties settlement with the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board for unpermitted discharge of stormwater from construction activities in Contra Costa County.
  • Provided appeals support to large Los Angeles law firm with respect to groundwater contamination issues with the Los Angeles Regional Water Board and appeals to the State Water Board.
  • Provided expert consultation to Bay Area law firm in negotiations with North Coast Regional Water Board on regulation of Sonoma County client’s groundwater contamination problems.
  • Provided expert legal consultation and testimony for property owner before the Contra Costa County Planning Commission with regard to subsurface discharge of wastewater to individual treatment and disposal system.
  • Provided regulatory consultation to Contra Costa County law firm regarding cleanup of petroleum contamination ordered by the Central Valley Regional Water Board.